It is time for change

The transition towards a society that is aware that we are part of a system in which everything influences each other is in full swing. There are more and more initiatives and organisations that do not only take, but also give. Who do not only want what is best for themselves, but also for others and nature. These are the stories that I want to visualise. Those organisations deserve an engaged community. So that we can speed up the transition together.

Part of a larger whole

My biggest sources of inspiration are indigenous cultures and nature. During my world trip in 2011 I had significant encounters and learned about different cultures. I also visited the most beautiful places in the wilderness, where I experienced something that I already knew subconsciously: that I’m part of a larger whole.

Ancient wisdom as inspiration

Although I’m back in the Netherlands for a while now, the travelling continues. Not only by literally going out exploring, but also developing myself further. Indigenous cultures and nature remain important to me. That is why I studied Corporate Anthropology and participated in the Immersion Workshop Biomimicry for Social Innovation in 2016.


This is what is important to me. And you? Tell me about you

I know Petra as creative, hardworking and result oriented working. She is fun and interesting to work with!

Lucas MeijsProfessor ‘strategic philanthropy’/'voluntary work', Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University